Fallbrook Senior Squadron 87
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Squadron 87 Calendar

Recurring meetings/activities:

  • Squadron meeting: 
    • When:  2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7 pm
    • Where:  The "Scout Shack" (a community meeting center operated by the Fallbrook Volunteer Fire Department) located at 231 East Hawthorn St., Fallbrook.  A Microsoft Teams Meeting link is also available for those that would like to attend virtually.
    • Agenda, presentations and the meeting link are available in Microsoft Teams

NOTE:  The meeting schedule for November and December will change to the first and third Wednesday's of the month (in an effort to try to avoid conflicts with the holidays)!

  • Antique Aircraft Display:
    • When:  Last Sunday of each month from 1200 to 1300
    • Where:  L18 East transient airport parking area

Upcoming non recurring meetings/activities:

  • October 19-22:  CAWG Conference
  • October 26:  Subordinate Unit Inspection
  • October 28:  First Aid/CPR training
  • November 13-15:  Sq87 WMAO duty - Contact Charlotte McGraw if you are able to help
  • December 9:  Toys for Tots

Suspense calendar:

Due Date Requirement Responsible
Usually Jan Personnel Auth. - Staff (CAWG Template) SQ Commander
Usually Jan Personnel Auth. - Committee (CAWG Template) SQ Commander
Usually Jan 31 Safety Survey SQ Commander/Safety Officer
January AE Plan of Action AE Officer
January Safety Day - Safety Stand Down - SMS Safety Officer
January ORM Briefing - SMS ES Officer
January Non-Discrimination Briefing - Email to CS SQ Commander
February Public Affairs Crisis Communications Plan No longer required of squadrons Public Affairs Officer
February Public Affairs Plan Public Affairs Officer
May Annual Historian Report, CAPP5  

May 31

CAWG OTY Awards due to Group 8 Awards Committee

May 31

Sq87 Volunteer hours to San Diego County SQ Commander
TBD Initial Equal Opportunity and CPPT Report SQ Commander and PD
September 1 Consolidated Finance Auth. CAPF 172 Finance Officer
September 1 Unit Budgets to Wing - CAWGF 12 Finance Officer
September 1 Finance Authorization - CAP 172 Finance Officer
October 30 AE Activity Report AE Officer
October Contributed Facilities and Utilities CAPF 174 Complete in eServices
October CAPF 171, CC Financial Disclosure Statement SQ Commander
November 30 Logistics Inventory Logistics Officer
December (Next: 2023) Bi-Annual:  Subordinate Unit Inspection SQ Commander and Staff Section Leaders
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