Fallbrook Senior Squadron 87
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Fallbrook Airport (L18) Information

Data is provided for general information only. Verify all data to be current before use by referring to the appropriate FAA publications.


     2.0 miles south of the city of Fallbrook
     N33-21.25 W117-15.05
     Mag VAR: 13 degrees East

     18-36; 2160 x 60; asphalt afsc; PCL
     Calm wind runway: 18
     Elevation: 708 ft MSL

Traffic Pattern:
     18: Left traffic
     36: Right traffic
     Traffic pattern altitude: 1,708 ft MSL (light aircraft); 1,208 ft MSL (rotorcraft)

     Type: VOR
     ID: OCN
     Freq: 115.3
     Radial: 036
     Distance: 10.8 nm

Communication Frequencies:
     Unicom: 123.05
     CTAF: 123.05
          Pilot controlled automated advisory system: 3 clicks
          Pilot controlled runway lights: 5 clicks in 5 seconds for MED intensity
     FSS San Diego: 122.40
     SoCal Approach: 127.30

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