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This portion of the website provides resources that are of specific interest to members of Squadron 87, specifically:

Note:  For the various specialty positions in CAP (Pilot, MO, MS, etc.), training is required.  The specific training requirements are listed in the associated task guides (which also provide an excellent reference document once you have achieved your qualification) and summarized on the associated Specialty Qualification Training Worksheet (SQTR).  These task guides provide much (if not all) of the information needed to satisfy the various requirements.  You get credit for satisfying these requirements by having a Skills Evaluator (aka SET) sign off the appropriate SQTR requirement after you have demonstrated that you have met that requirement.  Within our squadron, the following individuals are SET's for the following positions:

  Mission Scanner (MS) Mission Observer (MO) Transport Mission Pilot (TMP) Mission Pilot (MP) Mountain Flying Certification (MFC)
Tom Buscemi X X X    
Ron Irick     X    
Roy Knight X X X X X
Jim Redmon X X X X X
Jeff Saxon X X      

Please use the SET's (as well as other members of the squadron that are qualified in the same specialty position) as a resource to help you in your training and qualification preparations.  The training requirements may seem daunting for some of the positions but those qualified in the position can help make the process straightforward and painless.


Link for your Emergency Services 101 card (this card summarizes your current training and qualification status and must be carried with you on any mission)

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