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What is PRMA?

PRMA is short for the (Pacific Region Mobile App). It is basically a website that you can go to using your smartphone or computer. The website, looks and behaves like a mobile app on your smartphone, but there isn’t really anything to install. It’s been around for a couple years now and is the replacement for the old PowerApps product which no longer exists. Below are instructions for how to access it, login AND save an icon to your phone or computer desktop for easy future access. Inside PRMA you will find a whole bunch of useful apps. The new WMAO will be in there. If you are not using PRMA yet, then trust me, you need this in your CAP life; it’s awesome. It saves me so much time for several different things. It’s a game changer. Since it is available to many states in the Pacific Region, it is named as such. But it is a CA Wing home-grown product that has been so successful, that it grew up to the Region level.

If you need instructions installing PRMA itself see below:

Tool URL: https://mobile-tools.pcrcap.org    -- remember this is sized and spaced for mobile devices only right now, while it will run on a desktop the experience will look much different than on a mobile device.

Here are (2) video’s we put together to help get these setup on your devices. Remember to use the PAUSE button if the video is to fast.

Password for Videos: cawgcap

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