Fallbrook Senior Squadron 87
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What is WMAO?

WMAO – stands for Wing Mission Alerting Officer. When a customer calls the CA Wing for a mission, the WMAO picks up the phone and takes down the info. They are like a 911 operator. Yes, it’s that important. The WMAO is then charged with finding an Incident Commander (quickly) to complete the task requested by the customer. Typically, once the WMAO finds an IC (Incident Commander) they are done until the next call comes in. The WMAO duty is rotated among the Groups and each Group rotates through the squadrons. This is only for senior members.

Why are we changing the WMAO system?

The simple answer is… to make life easier for the WMAO and the Incident Commanders. The new system solves a great number of problems we identified. Too many to cover here and now. When we go live, the process is so radically different that you have to forget everything you knew about WMAO and learn the new way. We listened to a LOT of feedback from the members and incident commanders and we think everyone will like our new system. We used a little technology to make the job so much easier.


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